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20th-Sep-2009 01:34 am - Goodbye and hello
Well it may be a bad or a good thing but i am switching to Blogspot. To anyone who actually takes the time to read these rantings thank you! :D but dont fret i am just switching over to blogspot. Ive actually wanted to do this for quite some time now but i couldnt find a program or actually didnt know that there was a program where i could export all my entries to blogspot. Im pretty amazed that there is a prgram and it really does transfer everything pictures and all. however, it will take me a couple of days to fully import all 365 entries... :( but its alright. im actually kind of glad that im switching. but sad because ive been on LJ since...06' but its time for a change ill be linking my blog so dont wry and i think ill be linking some of the links that ive followed here to my blogspot because ive learned to love alot of the links from LJ. anyway, this was suppose to be short and sweet. Love ya!


btw check out the BFs blog

9th-Sep-2009 02:01 pm - update! surprise surprise...
So its pretty much crazy how quickly the time passes by.  i honestly cant believe that school has started and im already in my second year of college. things are crazy as usual but nonetheless i know i should be happy about my life atm.

Anyway, its been quite some time since i have written in here just because like i saud everything has just been moving so quickly. I think that last time that i wrote was on August 25th so its been about 2 weeks. Not that much has happened to actually write about, but ill write anyways.

So, my last few posts were really sad and blah because i was feeling really down about my bff. But now we've solved things and im glad :D. but long story short. i was really frustrated because we were suppose to hang out just us to on this one friday. however, we ended up hanging out with her friend ryan-sally. at first i was all for it, however, when i started walking toward the restaurant i kept on telling myself, "what the hell am i doing here, seriously what are you getting yourself into" well i followed through and met them for lunch at Novel cafe across from PCC. I have got to say that Ryan was a really really interesting gal. Shes done so many things expereienced so many things and just seemed like the coolest person in the world. i felt so blah and left out and just like why the hell would my bff want ot be bffs with me you know? I just felt so down after that day i was like i dont know.
    Pretty much that day day and night i was feeling so down and depressed i didnt know what else to do. i guess i got out of hand and got mad at my bff and i just was like thats it. I honestly believe that we all do do stupid things when we are really angry. But anyway, after a couple of days of thinking and just taking some time to myself, we worked things out and we Gooood~~~ hehe :D

other than that the past couple of days after that i just tried to enjoy my last few days of summer before school would start.

School started the 1st of sept. and i got really sad. i dont know what it is but i always get sad whenever school starts. i feel sooo lonley and scared i dont know what it is. my asked my mama if she could sleep with me for the next few night cuz i was being a baby and it helped. :D

I have the same schedule as before tue and thur class. but they are super hecktic. back to back classes as always. and a 245 hour lab. boo. i get tired tue idn how im going to survive.. rawr.

other than that everything has pretty much been the same with me. nothing interesting...

on a bad note or however u should take it. i wanna try a cigarette is that bad??! hehe

ill write as soon as i can again.,.. maybe on the weekend. see ya!
25th-Aug-2009 10:14 am - Ouch...
At the moment my head feels like it is about to explode into a million pieces. Im at working writing this and i just want to go home and sleep. It feels like a hundred knives are being stabbed into my brain and my lower back. i have the sniffles too. im so tired. i feel like my body is just shutting down on me. i keep getting goose bumps and when i try and swipe them away it hurts to touch my own skin. I think this is due to sleeping with the fan on all night. aiye dios mio help me....
23rd-Aug-2009 12:34 am - On a serious note
its funny how th e world work. how everything is revovled around money, around school. around trying to be the best and trying to live by societ's rules
its funny how all of that works together and n"neatly" fits all into place. and its more funny how some of us dont really notice that that is going on. all of us just live normal daily lives day by day.
however other think about the future the effects and affects of what could happen.

today i insulted my bf. i didnt mean to but it was a money issue and he tends to be very sensitive about that and i totally understand and feel bad as it is.

but what really sucks is this path that "WE" have to follow just because of what everyone says.
why cant we all just do our own things and them work out the way that it should.

i think that everything is difficult. that we are so used to taking other routes that when we are forced to stick with one all we want to do is run.

of course its hard. i mean what else can we do. i mean i do believe there is another way to this. but i think that is just takes time is all. it just takes time to think. yah everything is routine, but there are always little ways to change that.
19th-Aug-2009 11:28 pm - Yet another long week
the getty was fun. lots of pictures of the garden plus the weather was beautiful!

Sunday: didnt do anything. just church as usual and didnt see tony untill LATE...

Mon and tue consisted of 2  long 8 hour days of work. i wanted to cry all i did was watch SVU eppys and degrassi.  now my boss is back and luckily am doing work yay!

wed: i went with tony to CUE! it was sooo much fun taking suc silly silly pictures.

Thurs: i went bowling and to cue with sandra and eunice! so much fun! we played two games and i was second both times XD

Friday: i didnt go to work! yay! and i went to eat out with bianca and her friend sally. haha. interesting day. sally is truely an interesting gal. but its funny how things work out. how people dont realize the things you say.

i lost a friend. but i got some advice and learned that it is all part of life. friends comes and go. i mean it hurts were so damn close. but there isnt anything that i can do right? im just glad to know that that person is with someone better than me.

its funny tho when the person doesnt realize it...

Anyway, i want to do something spontatneous already XD im so bored of my life....
15th-Aug-2009 03:42 pm - Another long week...
Okay ive been delaying writing because ive gotten lazy and im getting lazy just writing now. haha. sigh. anyway i havent updated since tueish or last week so im going to update now :D

So Monday: i went to work and hung out with Tony as always, enjoy the last few days before school starts...

Tue: was a very busy day. I worked in the morning then i had to run some errands, i went to PCC, GCC, the bank, the UPS store, and then went to find a piercing place for sandra. when ended up hunting down like 2 or 3 places and just went back to the the place "anamoly" on green. it was a really cool place not intimidating just pretty chill. so we were there for an hour or so and then sandra got her piercing! yay! its looks pretty good on her! and i love how its just suits her new bangs and everything!! she shoud soo makeup  her face like the 1940's 50's pin up girl that would be freakin awesome!

Wednesday: i worked again then hung out with ton ton. haha. boring dull day. it ewas just so blah and BORING!

Thursday: was the first day that i had to work an 8 hour day in quite some time. whooo. it was a long day of answering phones and stuff. but its wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be. it was actually kinda of quick and idn i dont mind answering phones that much anymore im really getting use to it and proud of myself. after the long work day i hung out with eunice, beth adn sandra. we were suppose to go ice skating but it closed at 5 and they told us to come back at 7. we we ended up just going to mrs. fields and chatting and catching up and then beth left and we walked down to old town. we hung around there for a bit just going to the apple store and taking picture and going to h&m, F21 and barnes and noble where eunice hit my boob with a book XD. haha. after that we went to johnny rockets and ate. gah it was funny chilling with them adn just laffing every five second im going to really miss them when the school year starts :(

Friday: another 8 hour work day but it was just really long and boring. barely any phones calls and i was on the interenet the WHOLE day. i just eneded up watching supernatural and playing on my itouch for the last few hours. haha. after work tony picked me up and we went to his house. haha, we were watching squid stuff on the discovery channel. it was soo cool. i really wish i had the discovbery channel. after that i started degrassi goes to hollywood with his sister. i really think Gi is so cool. and im starting to get comfortbale with everyone. and one again am getting prob of myself :D after that we went to go watch district 9. and omg.. for me being like the most critical movie critic in the whole damn world that was a pretty darn good movie. peter jackson is pretty awesome. just loved the way everythign was filimed. other than the shaky movement here and there and guts flying everywhere that made my stomach turn, it was still a pretty good movie. :D

Anyway, today is the getty we'll see how that goes :D

11th-Aug-2009 12:00 am - Summer 2009 Movies

Alright so ive been posting alot of crap this whole day just because im bored...

so i thought about it and i realized that ive watched a TON of movie this summer and i thought that i would list them, just for the hell of it :D

Gi Joe: rise of the cobra

Harry potter and the half blood prince

the ugly truth

ice age: dawn of the dinosaurs

the hangover

the proposal



Night at the museum 2: battle of the smithsonian

the taking of pelham

my sisters keeper

the hurt locker

fast and furious




madea goes to jail

sunshine cleaning


Xmen: wolverine

star trek


shawshank redemption

italian job

fight club

slumdog millionaire

gran torino

die hard 1

die hard 4


hotel rwawanda

red eye

district 9


10th-Aug-2009 08:38 am - Antm: Marjorie Conrad
A little random but sometime last week either Thursday or Friday when i went with sandra and her sister to check out piercing places, i saw this little lady from Americas Next Top Model, Marjorie Conrad, le french gal. so that was pretty sweet. i knew i should have stopped and asked to take a pic, cuz that would have been totally awesome buut i didnt get to. Both me and natalie noticed that it was her and we kind of just kept walking by and then we looked at each other and we were like "hey! isnt that the girl from ANTM!" haha it was pretty cool. But man o man was she freakin tall! and she was wearing heels so she was like a giant. haha i bet every girl wishes that she were that tall. she looked super pretty. i think they dyed her hair brown in the show and then she went back to blonde when we saw her and it was a little longer like a bob. Super Cute! i wish her well in her career and all else!
8th-Aug-2009 11:26 pm - Best Friend...
i dont know anymore. i dont know what to do. i dont know what to say. i dont want to lose another friend. i dont want another christina or another yvonne. im not sure what to do or what to say.

the rating system is obnoxious

how can we compare.

what is there left in this world.
alright i havent been posting as much as i said that i would be posting. Only because i havent been doing anything fun or exciting to post about.
anyway, i guess ive accumulated a couple things so i might as well just spew it all now.

Last week on the 29th and 30th of July i got to hang out with Sandra and Eunice! it was so much fun. we decided to have a chill 2 days at her apt which was great. i went to work that Wed moning and then we headed off to huntington beach. before that though Daisy was suppose to go and get us some liquor but sadly she forgot her liscence. >.<.

we still went to huntington because and had a lot of fun there. we stayed there for about 2 hours because we were forced to park at a meter. after that we were a bit tired and took PCH back to Irvine. at first it was great, we had everything planned out. esp the whole parking situation. however, it got really hectici when i found out that i couldnt park in their lot. she we were stuck for a couple of hours trying to think of what to do. in the end we just bought a parking pass and sandra ended up find a site that showed all the places that we could park at.

later that night we started eating up a storm. haha. it was pretty bad. we had lived off pizza, fries and noodles those 2 days i thought i was going to get sick.

so like i said later that night we started off with pizza and then began watching 'red eye.' we had to kill some time untill 1200 am so that i could buy another parking ticket and move my car.  we then heated up some fries munched away and killed more time. i was pretty disappointed that i wasnt going to be able to drink just because that was the one thing that i was really looking forward to but then of course my hero haha i called up tony and he got a bottle of smirnoff green apple from a friend and then the night was on! haha.

we moved my car at 1200, and in the process my dear little sandrita wanted to learn how to drive so i tried to let her back up my car. and oh was that abad idea. never again. i thought that my heart was going to come out of my vag. hahahahahah. shit, i put the car in reverse and she his the gas. i thought i was going to have a heart attack! hahah. 

after that we pranced back to the apt and began to drink. i ws suppose to be first to take a shot since it was my first time EVER. but i was to chicken i dont even know why XD. so i gave sandra the first shot. i was next then eunice. haha. funny enough sandra has a video of my first drink XD hahah.

we started playing games to lighten the mood. we played UNO and every time a red card came up we would have to take a swig. after that we just kept drinking, mixing with cran. jucie and chilling. after an hour or so i think i pretty much knocked out cold. i was already drowsy and SUPER Super SUPER bright red after a couple of shots and it was so hot that i ended up in the closet fast asleep. i was still holding a 9 yellow UNo card in my hand when i woke up and with the closet door closed. it was so comfy XD. haha.

Sadly though, i woke up to the word throw up and i was like uhoh. haha we found out that Sandra had thrown up and eunice like the awesome person she is helped her out while i was fast asleep haha. but yah. it was an interesting night to say the least. we all ended up knocking out in the living room because we didnt want to stay in the same room as barf.

i ended up only getting about 3 hours of sleep because of the stupid rackety A/C.  so i was up around 8 am/. watching supernatural and what not and cleaning the room while the girls slept. i didnt mind XD.

after that we just i chilled in the apt. went on the interenet. went to albertonsons to get cleaner and later picked up tony. we were suppose to go to his place and swim in the pool but we were all pretty tired so we just left.

like i said a pretty fun expereice. but i really dont know how ppl do it. i dont know how ppl can drink so much i only had a few shots and i was soo tired hahaha. but idn i guess its fun to do ONCE in a while but thats it. i guess im not a drinking person. all i can say that was good about that thought was that i think that was the best sleep that ive ever had those 2 hours were great. didnt wake up once and it was just so comfortable.

That friday i went back to work and that was the day.

sat and sunday ive already talked about it my last entry and pretty much the past two days mon. and tue have been a bore more or less. ive just been working >..<

i need to make some moohlah and stop spending. they raised my Tuitioin by another 300 so i gotta help out in some way that i can.i
i asked my boss for a raise so we'll see how that will go. hopefully i get at least 25 cents more. it isnt much for what i do but its something and i wont complain.

Monday night i picked up tony from school because he ended up getting "evicted" from his apt. sadly but happy at the same time. i mean it sucks that he has to commute for the next month buit it isnt that bad i mean i did it and am doing it for the next year so 1 month shouldnt be that bad and its only tue and thur. im glad to say that im happy that he is here. you know? when we first started going out last year, may, june, july i barely got to see him. people think that i got to see him alot but i think back at it i prb got to see him once a week during the summer.  and then i left for the philippines so i didnt get to see him for 3 weeks and immediately the next day i started school so i only got to see him on the weekends for the next year. so idn. i guess im happy that i get to see him a little bit more this month it feels really good.

on another note, me and the bestie are fighting again. and iguess what about the same thing that we fought about last time. Tony. or me as it is. idont know. i dont think that bianca had any right to say the things she did about tony and me. no i take that back she can say whatever she wants because she has every right and im not mad at her for that. its just the things that were said were a bit hurtful and i guess not thoughrouhgly thought. but she was right about one thing. some how the fight turned into a self confidence issue about me and i guess i do have really low SC. or low self esteem and it really sucks you know . if it were that easy to just say fuck of course i would have done it. but its not easy you know. it isnt that simple to always feel like you have tape over your mouth anf you want to say something. i honestly dont know what to do anymore... maybe just need some time to think...

tomorrow ill be going with eunice and sandra to check out some piercing places. hopefully shell get her pericing tomorrow im super excited for her! haha if she does im going to be catching it on film yay!!
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